Family of Frame Makers

We are an independently owned family business that has been established since 1973 and have been practicing and improving our craft for more than 50 years and spanning 3 generations!
We are sticking to our roots and will continue to bring hand-made quality and personalized framing for our customers.

Nothing is too small or insignificant to us!

No job is too small nor insignificant for us. Not only do we frame treasured artworks. We also frame simple A4 certificates, office posters, small photos, as well as fixing broken frame glass or matboards at reasonable prices!

We’re really experienced…

As an established picture framing shop for over 40 years, we are dedicated to provide a high quality cost effective solution to all your framing needs. A frame must serve two purposes; To enhance and bring out the best in your artwork and also to protect it from the damaging elements. Our purpose is to create lasting frame designs which enhances and protects your art pieces and cherished memorabilia.

What makes us different…

We believe that if we want it done right, we’d better do it ourselves. We provide design consultation and then proceed to fabricate your framing project ourselves. There is no middleman or fancy ‘frame designer/consultant’ in a showroom that sells you their proposed frame design and then pass on the actual framing work to another framer or worker in which you pay for double the price. Furthermore, your artwork is handled by a stranger who will never truly understands your framing needs and specific details.

Here at Talent Arts, we are a team that prides ourselves on being able to offer a complete service in house. All our framing work is done within our workshop and assembled by our team. So you can be fully confident the framer you spoke to when you dropped off your artwork is part of the team that will be making your frame and understanding every need and details that you specify! That way, we can control the quality at every stage, to ensure you get the very best job possible.

Reach out to us to let us find out how we can help you, and see for yourself, what we can do for you!

Custom Framing Services

We custom frame everything & anything you bring to us!