Are you a frame shop or an art gallery?

Our company name can be misleading. We are primarily a professional custom framing shop. Our business focuses as much as 90% on custom framing. We have spare walls so we might as well use them to display and sell inexpensive artworks that we framed!

I've been through a few framers. Why should I choose to frame with you over others?

We dare say we offer the best value for custom framing. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve framed for an uncountable number of delighted and returning customers. Our trusted services are used by artists, private art collectors, galleries and a comprehensive list of corporate clients. We use the most up to date techniques and materials and have cutting edge machinery. We strive to provide quality framing at affordable prices!

While some framing shops are well recognized and established, you are actually paying exorbitantly more than you should! We are astounded each time a customer told us how much they use to pay for framing.

Inherently, there are frame shops that claim to be the cheapest. These are run of the mill framers who have poor knowledge of handling delicate artwork and poor workmanship when it comes to detail or complicated framing jobs. A short delivery timeline is often promised because they are rushed through to keep cost low and maximize profit.  Your artwork and framing is usually handled by an inexperienced worker who has little expertise in handling and framing delicate artwork and whom you have never spoke with and would not understand your needs and specifications.

Proper treatment and steps are not practiced, resulting in instances that customers artwork had been irreversibly damaged or had valuable artwork permanently mounted due to poor knowledge of framing or poor quality materials. Customers usually don’t know that damage has been done until years later when their artwork has deteriorated prematurely. Customers are given poor advice on framing methods and design of frames, resulting in mediocre workmanship and designs.  More than often, there is no after sales service is given after payment is made.

Do you do the design and the actual framing yourselves?

What many people don’t know is that many expensive frame shops are just a front and actually farm the work out to third parties or their hired framers who will never truly understand your every framing needs and details.

Here at Talent Arts, we are a small family business that prides ourselves on being able to offer a complete service in house. All design and framing work are fabricated in our workshop and assembled by us on our premises. So you can be fully confident the framer you spoke to when you dropped off your artwork is part of the team that will be making your frame and understanding every need and details that you specify!

That way, we can control the quality at every stage, to ensure you get the very best job possible. And your finished artwork never leaves the safety of our shop, until you come to collect it!

Do you do 'simple framing' ? I am looking for an affordable frame, nothing fancy.

Sure! Please speak to us, let us understand your needs and budget and we will offer you free advice as to what is affordable and yet uncompromising!

While we do our best to offer competitive pricing, we take into account the quality and service that we offer. We do not take short cuts and use cheap inferior materials that in the long run do not last and add irreversible damage.

Run of the mill framers, uses a whole range of cheap acidic materials that isn’t meant to be used for framing. You don’t see these cheap materials such as common household masking tape or glue that is adhered to your artwork because they are all hidden within the backing of the frame. Frames are often wrongly or poorly sealed. Many times we re-frame irreversibly damaged artwork or prints due to these back-hand framers that have no knowledge of proper framing techniques. The interior frame and artwork merely last years before they start to look old and weary.

If truly need be, we give every artwork the proper treatment it deserves. Only properly applied techniques and acid free linen hinges is used to hinged artwork. All techniques are fully archival, PH neutral and reversible.

We’d never compromise our standards to offer our customers the cheapest but not inform them of the poor materials within.

You’d be better off with a frame that last than one that has to re-framed again and your precious artwork irreversibly damaged by acidic compounds. I say “Penny wise, pound foolish!”

I don’t know what goes best with my artwork. Could you help me with the design?

Yes, of course we will! With our years of trusted experience and creative flair, we can help you create different designs to suit your artwork as well as your home decor style. We take into consideration your inputs, preferences and specification before finalizing on the final frame and design.

Will my artwork be safe with you?

Yes. We are experienced in handling delicate and expensive artwork. Your artwork is stored properly in our air conditioned store and is under HD CCTV surveillance. Even sound and noises are recorded!

Mounting artwork unto frames requires knowledge, skill and understanding of the artwork and medium used. Rest assure that we will advise you the best methods for mounting your artwork so that it is undamaged even when it is dismantled decades of years later.

How much does framing cost?

The cost of framing varies depending on the size, method of framing, materials chosen etc. The framing materials that you choose can significantly influence the final cost of your project. We handle a wide variety of material, from inexpensive wooden frames and regular matboards, to highly ornate gilded frames and conservation material or special textured textiles and silk. Similarly, the type of glazing chosen is also a consideration. We keep in mind your requirements and objectives to match both your taste AND your budget. We offer free consultation and designs options for your art piece and assure you that we offer a competitive and cost effective framing solution that sets us apart from other framers.

Do you custom frame small and simple certificates or photos at inexpensive prices?

Yes, we do. Nothing is too small or insignificant for us. We also provide cleaning and replacement of old and worn matboard windows and change new glass for frames if yours is broken.

What is the average lead time it takes to complete my frame project?

We are highly flexible. The average lead time is 7-14 days just to be safe. However, if we have your chosen frame and materials in stock, it takes just 3-5 days. We normally do not like to be rushed to complete a frame job but we are flexible and upon request, we are even able to complete the framework in 1-2 days to accommodate your every needs.

Do you do express on-the-day framing?

Yes, we do, subjected to the availability of the chosen frame and materials. Express framing within a few days is normally free of charge if requested on the case of urgency but should not be on demand.

However, if you required on-the-day or on the spot collection, you could bring your artwork or project directly down to our workshop and we would stop all existing work on hand to work on your urgent case. This service has a nominal extra charge of 20%.

When will i know if my frame is ready?

We will inform you via SMS/phone when your frame is ready for collection. Alternatively, you can revert back if you have any special request to make.

Is your pricing reasonable and competitive?

“Apples to apples” Yes, we dare say so. We offer a wide range of budgets from minimalistic up to conservation grade framing. How are we able to give down to earth prices?
Simple. At Talent Arts, we ARE both the designers and the framers. We handle every aspects of the framing business. From the initial consultation, the actual craftsmanship of building and assembling the frame up to the collection of your frame are all handled by us. There is no fancy ‘frame designer’ in the showroom or middleman who would mark up sky high prices based on inflated ‘creativity’ ideas that they propose and then send them off to another framer’s workshop.

Do you still produce glass products and glass table tops?

Not anymore. We decided to focus on the framing and designing aspects of our business.

Do you provide pick-up/delivery and installation services?

Yes, subjected to an extra charge. Our contractors are full time Art handlers and installers. Not the typical handy man. They are highly skilled and experienced in handling bulky or valuable framed works and are able to professionally mount them on your walls as to per your request and specifications.

If need be, they can also provide valuable advise on the correct placement and appropriate display height so that the final placement of your artwork be tuned just fine to your surroundings.

Is my artwork going to turn yellow and mouldy?

There are a few factors that can contribute to artwork/glass turning yellow and mouldy. Customers are advised to hang and display delicate paper artwork in an environment where there is no drastic temperature fluctuations or high humidity. Anywhere near a sunny window, air conditioner unit, washrooms, fish tanks, potted plants or gardens can contribute to rapid temperature changes and high humidity. This can cause thin paper to contract and expand quickly and cause buckling. This is especially a challenge in Singapore’s tropical weather. Good framing will always protect and slow down deterioration by many folds but customers are advised to take due care to display delicate works on paper in a stable environment.

The time taken for this ‘yellowing’ or what framers call ‘foxing’ varies. There are many factors which may contribute to the lifespan of your art piece.This most often happens to paper art and the matting that surrounds it. It is common with standard inexpensive framing which inevitably over the years deteriorate and factoring the high humidity in our Singapore island. The “yellowing” process that damages paper art is mostly caused by two factors. The first is often the poor quality paper the artwork is made of which usually contains lignin, and other potential acid sources, that cause it to gradually discolor yellow or brown with age. The second is often improper or incorrect framing which accelerates the deterioration of the artwork. If the artwork is properly framed, including the use of the appropriate type of glazing(UV filtering perspex), then the discoloration and deterioration processes will be significantly slowed. The best way to prevent or decelerate such discoloration is to use conservation materials, processes and techniques to prevent acid leaching or contamination to the paper-borne artwork.

We normally advise you on your budget for the best cost effective solution to give your art piece the longest life span possible. If you have the highest expectations, we will always offer you the opportunity to consider your artwork being framed to conservation standards.

Why do I need a matboard on top of my artwork?

Temperature fluctuations and our high humidity can cause fogging, or condensation, which can easily damage your artwork by bleeding inks, smudging a watercolour, softening photographic emulsions causing them and other paper-borne art to stick to the glass. It can also promote discoloration or cause small brown spots on any paper art. To avoid most, if not all of the above, we suggest that framing of all paper-borne artwork should be undertaken with a matboard.

Why are ready made frames less expensive compared to custom made frames?

In many cases, these frames:

  • are mass-produced in foreign labor intensive countries;
  • have a shorter lifespan;
  • most are plastic, if not compressed fiberboard, which often warps and buckle over time;
  • come with an MDF backing board, which leech acids into your artwork and also does not provide a good sealant protection against dust, humidity and insects;
  • generally come with a “mat-board” of thin paper only. Again, these paper-style mat-boards are of low quality, not acid-free, and nor do they provide the necessary separation between your artwork/photos and the glass;
  • come with low quality plastic sheet or glass, which offers no UV protection to your artwork;
  • generally only come in “standard” sizes, styles and colours, none of which may entirely suit what you would desire for your artwork or liking