We custom build and design elegant and protective plexiglass display boxes to house your display pieces

Plexiglass display boxes are ideal for displaying an art piece or object on a pedestal, shelf or table which can be viewed and appreciated from all angles. It can also be installed on a wall if you’d prefer. The incredible ease of taking the display piece in and out of the plexiglass case makes it a popular choice for many. We stock a wide variety of quality mouldings for a beautiful framed base and a textured platform rest for the display piece. The plexiglass display case then sits in between a gap from base frame and resting platform, thus ensuring the rigidity of the entire display box as a whole.

Lightweight & Safe

Plexiglass is half the weight of glass and many times more impact resistant than glass and provides increased protection against shattering and breakage. Not only is the display piece protected, but so are people in high traffic environments found in schools, institutions, and busy homes with active children.