We specialize in oil portrait paintings of people and pets and anything you can imagine. Each gallery-quality oil painting is hand-painted on the highest quality canvas in a true-to-life, realistic style. We include the highest quality gallery wrap and customized framing as an entire package. Have a look at our portfolio, and consider treating yourself or your loved ones to a classic oil portrait painting by our master artists.

Unlike traditional portrait studios, we do not require a portrait’s subject(s) to “sit” for the portrait, instead requiring only a digital photo as a reference to begin work. This allows customers flexibility to have a wide variety of photos painted into unforgettable masterpieces. Every painting is a hand-painted oil painting on high-quality canvas by a professional portrait artist which you will even be able to see each unique brush stroke.

We work with skilled and experienced master artistes to transform simple photographs into lifelike paintings. Immortalise a treasured photo or a special milestone in life and transform them into a piece that can be admired and remembered for generations to come. We work endlessly with the master artistes for revisions to control the quality of the painting to your high expectations.

Many other artists claim to paint high quality portraits, but their portfolios prove otherwise. If you compare our work to theirs, you will notice that ours is more true-to-life, proportional, detailed and warm.

Paper-based portraits and paintings such as charcoal, pastels and pencil will never withstand the test of time  and will deteriorate much faster as compared to oil on canvas. Opting for conservation framing for your paper-based portrait may bring you another dilemma, the high cost of conservation framing.

That is why use only the highest quality canvases and high quality oil paints that does not crack during mounting and is waterproof, perfect for singapore’s high humidity. Furthermore, we include custom framing for your piece as a package! So there’s no need to pay for more! Come on down to our showroom for a friendly and free consultation!