ArtiTeq state of the art hanging system is a professional, safe and easy to use hanging system. Every high quality component is imported directly from Holland.

The ArtiTeq Click Rail system can be easily integrated into your home or office and gives you flexibility to place your art or wall decorations in any height that you wish. You no longer have to worry about drilling holes or having unsightly nail holes on your wall. Switching between art pieces or wall decorations couldn’t be easier!

Click Rail
The Click Rail is available in white (primed) and anodised aluminium. The white (primed) version can be repainted to follow the colour of your wall. It comes in a 2-metre and 3-metre industry standard length which you can cut or saw to size based on your requirement.

We stock 2 variants of wires:

  • Stainless steel wire which can hold up to 20kg each
  • Clear transparent perlon wire which can hold up to 20kg each

Each wire comes with a self-adjustable J-hook with a security latch which can hold up to 15kg each. Individual J-hook can be purchased based on your needs.

Delivery & on-site installation will be handled by our skilled and experienced team attested and trusted by galleries, museums and other developments over the years.

*Avoid cheap chinese made hanging systems for safety & durability reasons. Always check with your supplier the brand and origin of the hanging systems they are intending to use for your home or office.