Enhance your piece!

Artworks on canvas are usually not framed under glass, and do not have mattes that surround them, so they need a different framing solution than artworks on paper. There are many styles and methods of frame for canvas artworks that you could explore.

It is normally gallery wrapped on stretcher bars and reversibility is essential. It means that your canvas painting can be removed from the frame and still be in its original condition so that you can pack it up or have it re-framed at any point of time.

Every Art piece is unique. With our creative and trusted flair and with over 800 frame designs to suit your design or budget.

Drop by for a free consultation, we will do our best to help you select a frame as well as provide design insights to truly bring your painting to LIFE.

Stretch with Care!

On consultation, we inspect each painting and will advise you accordingly on the suitable thickness of the stretcher bars and the best way to have them stretched. We ensure the rigidity of the stretcher bars by bracing them strongly so that your painting will stand the test of time and never warp due to improper stretching technique or poor quality stretcher bars.

We provide specially made gallery wrap stretcher bars that are made from solid wood where the profiles on the stretcher bar is slightly rounded. This has several advantages:

  1. It allows the framer to see and obtain clear edges on images that have precise borders, and
  2. It also allows the canvas weave to “roll over” the profile rather than snap over a sharp edge which is a major cause of canvas cracking
  3. It prevents the wood from warping too easily from stretching and ensures that it hangs flat on your wall
  4. Painting is stretched and sits away from the backing wood. This reduce the chances of the frameline being seen from the front of the painting caused by stretching using inappropriate and common block wood.
  5. We always ensure that your painting is properly braced and sealed. Reversibility to its original condition is always a priority.

Canvas Stretching Service

Quality Stretcher Bars and Workmanship

You may get a quote a cheaper quote elsewhere for basic stretching but not know the difference! Cheaper framers use common block wood or pinewood that aren’t made for canvas stretching and could damage your painting instead! Some are inadequately braced and eventually warp over time. The first signs is when the painting isn’t sitting flush against your wall or when the edges of your painting starts to crack.

We pride ourselves in the quality & suitability of our Stretcher bars and our Clean & Fine workmanship.
Every hand stretched piece is braced strongly and evenly to ensure that the painting doesn’t warp, isn’t loose or floppy and sits flush against a wall.