Chinese Paintings on Rice Paper

Chinese calligraphy and painting is commonly known as Chinese Rice paper, 宣纸 (Xuān zhǐ). This is infact not made mainly from rice, but from many other plant fibres other than rice.

It’s the best paper that is most compatible with Chinese brushes, ink, and colors for calligraphy and painting. After a Chinese calligrapher or painter has created an artwork on rice paper, inevitably it becomes wrinkled due to its excellent absorbency of water, ink, and color. To help please the eyes and preserve the artwork for centuries, the Chinese invented many processes to mount the artworks more than 2,000 years ago. Those processes help to smooth out the wrinkles. A typical framer will not put a wrinkled artwork into a frame. Chinese mounting thickens the medium and straighten out the creases for a better vivid look and aids in the preparation for the framing process.

Since mounting and scroll making are very detail-oriented tasks and can be critically difficult, risky, and painstaking during the processes, the work is specially tasked to mounting specialists (mounters, 裝裱師 or 裱畫師 ) before we proceed with the framing.

Treatment & Framing

Before & After