Modern Contemporary Framing encompasses using simple, metallic, flat, sharp, bright or glossy frames to accentuate the inner artwork without overpowering the inner art piece. This type of design is especially popular in today’s modern and minimalist spaces and interiors.

The best quality frames are made of either metal or wood.  Wooden frames usually have a warmer, more inviting and traditional look, while gold ornate frames tend to give an artwork more stature and also assists to depict the era or style the painting was from. This is desirable for certain pieces of artwork such as a fine art, traditional paintings, a rich color photograph or a heirloom piece.

In contrast, metallic looking frames, with their straight edges and sharp corners, tend to portray a bolder and more contemporary, even industrial look. Metal frames are commonly used for black and white photography and other modern media.

To illustrate the differences between wood and metal, can you imagine the Mona Lisa set in a metal frame? Would this masterpiece not look awkward and out of place in such a modern and contemporary frame?  On the other hand, the black and white photograph of the Brooklyn bridge looks like it would be right at home in a metal frame!