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With this type of framing the artwork is usually recessed behind the glass. The glass is held away from the artwork with a fillet the depth of which can vary to suit the image or object.

This style of framing provides a “window effect” offering depth and interest. Box frames may be used for framing many types of artwork, particularly 3 dimensional objects such as ornaments, medals, coins, jewellery, but are also ideal for paintings, lithographs etc. It is the ideal option for mounting those “difficult to frame” objects.

We have framed everything imaginable. From ship propellors to prehistoric dinosaur fossils. Even oddball items like Durian shells and cigarette butts too!



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Lighting within a frame!

We are also the only framer to incorporate energy saving, low heat & UV emissions LED lighting into the interior of the frame, beautifying and enhancing your artwork from within. This is especially useful for deeply recessed works where limited light cannot enter the frames or objects that appear dark or dull in nature. However, it may not be advisable to be used on antique paper based or non-archival ink based artwork and artifacts.