Preserve your Sports Jerseys!

The craft of professional jersey framing can be intricate and labour intensive. It requires skillful and precise ironing and pinning of the jersey if the framing is to stand the test of time. In particular, the pinning must be done carefully using specially designed stainless steel framing pins that not only will secure the jersey to an acid free paper foam core but will also not damage the jersey in any way.

* Note: Please ask your local framer about his techniques for mounting jerseys as you may be surprised to know that some framers uses glue and rusty staples to mount jerseys and you don’t even realize the damage that’s been done and neatly hidden at the back of the Jerseys away from frontal view.

Our professional team has many years of jersey framing experience, framing for both athletes and professional teams  Put simply, we have mastered the craft of creating custom jersey framing solutions for any kind of shirt, jersey, or cloth collectible.

Preserve and frame each and every Milestone!

If you have any cherished medals, plaques and achievements, they should be framed and proudly displayed!

We provide free consultation, advise and design for our customers, nothing is rushed. All of our custom jersey and medal framing is done IN-HOUSE at our Framing Facility where we will be handling your job from initial consultation, designing up till the actual framing until you are ready to collect. We will treat your item as if it is our own. That’s a promise.