About Thangkas & Mandalas

Thangkas & Mandalas are painted in workshops in Southern Himalaya region, by Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepalese painters, who are practicing Buddhists. Most of these Thangkas are hand made copies of old masterworks, that were based on certain visions or rituals and painters make their paints from minerals and herbs in the traditional manner.

Therefore it is important to protect and display these traditions respectfully and with proper custom framing methods.

Custom frames for Thangkas & Mandalas

Modern art conservators know that rolling is a very poor way to conserve paintings, and many old Thangka paintings have been damaged by poor handling. Museums and galleries always store paintings flat. (This is not as significant an issue for fabric Thangkas, whose inherent flexibility allows easy rolling. But even fabric Thangkas would be better preserved by rolling less tightly, around a cylindrical core, and with the image facing out rather than inwardly as the traditional mounting necessitates.

Custom wood frames gives the best all round protection for a Thangka or Mandala painting and are many times the only possibility if you want to preserve and enhance the charming looks of these intricate hand painted artworks.

Matboards & Spacers

There are some important things that we recommend with framing Thangkas & Mandalas: They should be framed with Matboards or Silk borders(Acid free preferably) which serves as a barrier whereby the painting does not come into contact with the glass to prevent the paints from sticking on the glass over time. All the Thangkas normally have a 1 inch border, usually red, which will be hidden behind the Matboard borders. If you would like, we incorporate rich silk textiles and mini fillet spacer frames to give a rich and soft look to each painting.

We never using wet glue to mount these paintings. We only use a dry mount, fully reversible method to get your Thangkas & Mandalas flat and crisp. No invasive wet glues or permanent methods are practiced.

Glass / Plexiglass
Thangkas & Mandalas should be framed within glass or plexiglass. The drawback of using clear glass is reflecting light, but it has many benefits. Cleaning, protecting, moving and preserving the Thangka becomes easier.

It is very important to protect the painting from direct sunlight or strong home fluorescent lighting as these could cause the inks to fade over time. For even better preservation,  we offer the option to use anti UV plexiglass to protects the paints from ultraviolet rays.