Are you a frame shop or an art gallery?

We are primarily a professional custom framing shop where we focus as much as 90% on custom framing. But we do support a few local artists by displaying their works on our walls. Occasionally, we also sell inexpensive artworks with interesting framing designs that we framed!

I've been through a few framers. Why should I choose you over others?

We dare say we offer the best value for custom framing. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve framed for an uncountable number of delighted and returning customers. Our trusted services are used by artists, private art collectors, galleries and a comprehensive list of corporate clients. With cutting edge machinery, we use the most up to date techniques and materials; there are hundreds of frame designs to choose from!

We strive to provide quality framing at affordable prices. By constantly upgrading our framing techniques, we ensure proper treatment and steps are taken in handling your artwork no matter how delicate they are. We have seen customers’ artwork which had been irreversibly damaged or had valuable artwork permanently mounted due to limited framing knowledge or inferior materials. Customers are unaware of the damage until only several years later when the artwork has deteriorated prematurely – all these at the expense of below-market cheap pricing and rushed jobs. 

We believe that the right design will appeal to you for years. Our customers’ testimonies can testify to that. We welcome customers to share their thoughts with us, whether good or bad so we can better serve you.

Do you do the design and the actual framing yourselves?

Yes! We care about your artwork as much as you do! 

At Talent Arts, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete service in-house (perks of a family business). All design and framing work are fabricated in our workshop and assembled by us on our premises. So, you can be fully confident the framer you spoke to when you dropped off your artwork is part of the team that will be making your frame and understanding every need and details that you specify!

Your artwork will never be outsourced to a third party or hired framers by our shop front, nor handled by inexperienced workers. This way, we can control the quality at every stage to ensure you get the very best job possible. 

Do you do 'simple framing' ? I am looking for an affordable frame, nothing fancy.

Sure! Share your needs and budget with us and we will offer you free advice as to what is affordable and yet uncompromising!

I don’t know what goes best with my artwork. Could you help me with the design?

Yes, of course! With years of trusted experience and creative flair, we can create designs to suit your artwork as well as your home decor style. We are mindful of your inputs, preferences and specification before finalising on the final frame and design.

Will my artwork be safe with you?

Yes. We are experienced in handling delicate and expensive artwork and will advise you with the best framing methods for ensuring an artwork is undamaged and/or reversible even years later. Our shop is also under HD CCTV surveillance with sound recorded.

How much does framing cost?

It varies! Think of it as a mini house renovation – it depends on the size and materials chosen etc. We have hundreds of frame designs available. Complementary materials such as mat/silk boards or UV non-reflective glass will definitely enhance your design and add on to the final cost.

Do you replace old or broken frames?

Yes we do. We also provide cleaning and replacement of old and worn matboard windows and change new glass for frames if yours is broken.

What is the average lead time it takes to complete my frame project?

The average lead time is 7-14 days just to be safe. We normally do not like to be rushed to complete a frame job; but we are flexible and upon request, we’ll try our best to expedite for you if you need them urgently.

Do you do express on-the-day framing?

Yes, we do, subjected to the availability of the chosen frame and materials. Express framing within a few days is normally free of charge if requested on the case of urgency but should not be on demand.

However, if you required on-the-day or on the spot collection, you could bring your artwork or project directly down to our workshop and we would stop all existing work on hand to work on your urgent case. This service has a nominal extra charge of 20 to 40% depending on complexity.

Do you provide pick-up, delivery and installation services?

Yes, subjected to an extra charge. Our contractors are full time professional art handlers and installers who are highly skilled in handling bulky and valuable framed works. They can also offer advise on artwork placement and display height to suit your surroundings.

How can I prevent my artworks from turning yellow and mouldy?

The time taken for this ‘yellowing’ or what framers call ‘foxing’ varies. There are many factors which may contribute to the lifespan of your art piece. This most often happens to paper art and the matting that surrounds it. Some artwork is made of poor quality paper containing lignin and other potential acid sources, causing it to discolour or brown with age. Improper framing process also accelerates the deterioration of the artwork. 

Good framing techniques with UV filtering perspex glazing will protect and slow down the deterioration significantly. The best way to prevent discoloration is to use conservation materials, processes and techniques to prevent acid leaching or contamination to the paper-borne artwork.

However, in Singapore’s tropical weather, we highly advise you to display delicate paper artwork in an environment where there is no drastic temperature fluctuations or high humidity. Anywhere near a sunny window, air-conditioning unit, washrooms, fish tanks, potted plants or gardens can contribute to rapid temperature changes and high humidity. This can cause thin paper to contract and expand quickly and cause buckling.

Why do I need a matboard on top of my artwork?

Temperature fluctuations and our high humidity can cause fogging, or condensation, which can easily damage your artwork by bleeding inks, smudging a watercolour, softening photographic emulsions causing them and other paper-borne art to stick to the glass. It can also promote discoloration or cause small brown spots on any paper art. To avoid most, if not all of the above, we suggest that framing of all paper-borne artwork should be undertaken with a matboard.

Why are ready-made frames less expensive compared to custom made frames?

In many cases, these frames:

  • are mass-produced and have a shorter lifespan;
  • are mostly are plastic, if not, compressed fiberboard which often warps and buckle over time;
  • come with an MDF backing board which leeches acid into your artwork and also does not provide a good sealant protection against dust, humidity and insects;
  • generally come with a “mat-board” of thin paper which are not acid-free, and does not provide the necessary separation between your artwork/photos and the glass;
  • come with low quality plastic sheet or glass which offers no UV protection to your artwork;
  • are generally in “standard” sizes, styles and limited colours 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out!